Download intervals

On this page, you can also set the amount of time after a completed download that a reminder of the next download should be sent. Reminders are sent to the customer via e-mail.

You can also set how often downloads from the tachograph should be made. However, the download interval only applies for vehicles with the Remote Download Plus service package. In order to receive download reminders, and to see the vehicle on pages related to download intervals and reminder intervals, the reminder must be marked as active.

Note: Your vehicles must have a subscription with the Remote download service package in order to carry out an automatic remote download of tachograph data.

Select group

You can select the group to display information for. Click to make group settings.

  1. Select in the Group list the group you wish to display vehicles for.
  • Select the All option to display all vehicles. You will then also see vehicles which are not part of any group.

Change reminder settings

  1. Select the vehicle or vehicles whose settings you want to change.
  • Select several by holding down Ctrl and clicking the vehicles concerned.
  • Select a consecutive group of vehicles by holding down Shift and clicking the first and last vehicle in the group respectively.
  1. Click Change selected
  2. Enter the following details:
  • Download intervals: Select an alternative for how often tachograph data should be downloaded. The interval can only be changed on vehicles with the Remote Download Plus service package.
  • Reminder intervals: Enter the number of days after the latest driver card data download after which a reminder should be sent.
  • Active: Mark here to activate download reminders. Reminders are sent automatically via e-mail. The reminder will be sent to the e-mail address listed on the Settings > Company > Customer details page. Note: The reminder must be marked as active in order to be shown on other pages related to reminder intervals for vehicles.
  1. Click Save.
  • Click Cancel to exit without saving.