Hidden drivers

This list shows drivers you no longer actively work with and have therefore hidden on the Driver details page. Drivers who are hidden are no longer displayed in lists on the Scania Tachograph Portal or e-mail messages from Scania Tachograph Services. Reminders will also not be sent to drivers who are hidden. However, the files of hidden drivers remain in the file store since you are responsible for displaying these files during a check.

Note: If a new file for a hidden driver is transferred to the portal, the driver will be automatically displayed again. The driver’s reminder settings will also be restored.

Select group

You can select the group to display information for. Click to make group settings.

  1. Select in the Group list the group you wish to display drivers for.
  • Select the All option to display all drivers. You will then also see drivers which are not part of any group.

Display driver again

  1. Select one or more drivers:
  • Select several by holding down Ctrl and clicking the drivers concerned.
  • Select a group of drivers by holding down Shift and clicking the first and last driver in the group respectively.
  • Click a letter in the row at the bottom of the window to display all drivers whose surname starts with that letter.
  1. Click Display selected. The driver or drivers will now be displayed again on the Driver details page. The reminder settings of the driver or drivers are also restored.