Manual remote download

Here you can choose to make an immediate remote download from a vehicle. This is not necessary under regular circumstances, as remote downloads occur at regular intervals. However, in exceptional circumstances, you may need to do this to ensure that you have the latest tachograph data from the vehicle. This can be useful if, for example, a vehicle is to be sold or has been involved in an accident.

Note: This page can only be seen by users who have at least one vehicle with a Remote Download Plus subscription. Only vehicles which have this subscription will be displayed.

Data in the file

The data in the uploaded file will contain activities from the last two months. The file will also contain information about the vehicle speed at every time for trips in the previous 24 hours.

Details in the table

  • Reg. No.: Vehicle registration number.
  • VIN: Vehicle VIN.
  • Latest files: The time when the last manual file download took place. Click the time to get to the File store page, where the file is saved.
  • Download tachograph data: Click here to initiate tachograph data download. If the button is inactive, this means that the vehicle is not contactable. This may be due to the power in the vehicle being switched off, or that the vehicle is at a location without mobile coverage. The power needs to be switched on for the entire download.
  • Status: The progress of the last download made from a vehicle is displayed here. You can see the current status both during download and after the download.

Retrieve files

  1. Find the vehicle you wish to retrieve files for.
  2. Click Download in the Download tachograph data column.
  3. Wait for the download to progress. This can take up to 30 minutes.
  4. The status Successful is displayed in the Status column when the download has finished. If the download fails, you will also see this.