File store

This is where to download files from the portal to your own computer.

Note: The dates in the file store indicate when a file was transferred to the portal, not the date of the data in the file. Therefore, if you want to find a file from a driver or vehicle containing data from a certain period, you should select the start date of the period as the start date. However, as the end date you should not select the end date of the period, rather a date which covers the first file transfer for the driver or vehicle which occurs after the period in question. How long this is after the end date of the period depends on how often your driver and vehicle files are transferred.

Information in the window

  • : This icon shows that the file has already been downloaded. Hold the mouse pointer over the icon to view the download date.
  • Vehicle or driver: The vehicle or driver that the information in the file applies to.
  • Date: When the file was transferred to the portal.
  • File name: Name of the file transferred.
  • Transferred via: How the file was transferred to the portal.
  • Vehicles within brackets are sold or do not have a subscription.

Note: If a file is shown in red, this means that the file is corrupt. If the file is corrupt, this means that there is something wrong with the information in the file.

Select the information to be displayed

The default setting is for information on all vehicles, drivers and dates to be displayed. The windows display 500 files max. If you wish to change the selection:

  1. Select an option from the Vehicle drop-down list.
  2. Select an option from the Driver drop-down list.
  3. Click in the Start date and End date fields to select which days to include in the time period.
  4. Click Display.

Downloading files

You can select several options for downloading files:

  • Download all: You download all files that you have access to. If there are a lot of files, this can take some time.
  • Download new: You download all files that you have not previously downloaded.
  • Download: Downloads all selected files.
  • To select all the files that are displayed, tick the box next to Vehicle or driver. All files are selected.
  • To select individual files, tick the box next to the file.

Sorting information

Click the column heading for the column which the information should be sorted by. Information is initially sorted in ascending order. Then, whenever you click the heading, sorting switches between ascending and descending order.