Reports for vehicle

Here, you can create reports with trip data for one or more vehicles.The reports are based on the EU regulation on driving times and rest periods (EC) no. 561/2006, which is applicable in EU member states and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


You can create the following reports:

Unknown Drivers

The report displays when and how long a vehicle has been used without a driver card in the tachograph. The time is entered in the format hh:mm.

On the portal you can set the shortest period of driving with an unknown driver to be displayed in the report. If, for example, you set three minutes as the shortest period of driving with an unknown driver to be displayed, all instances of driving with an unknown driver which lasted for longer than three minutes will be displayed.

All vehicles with data for the selected period are automatically selected when you select this report. You cannot deselect any of the selected vehicles.

Drivers Recorded

The report displays all drivers whose driver cards have been registered in a vehicle over a selected period. The report also contains details about which country(ies) the trip has taken place in. If the driver has been in more than one country during the trip, these are listed on the rows below the driver’s name. The information is displayed per day. The driver may have either driven or been a co-driver in the vehicle.

All times in this report are shown in coordinated universal time (UTC).

Note: If some drivers who have driven the vehicle have not yet uploaded their data, there may be gaps in the report. This only applies to the period between the latest tachograph data upload for the vehicle up to the current date.

Events and faults

The report displays the latest events and faults registered by the tachograph. The report also displays which type of event or fault has occurred.

The following information is displayed in the report:

  • the 10 latest faults when reading driver cards.
  • the 10 latest instances of all the faults registered for the vehicle.
  • the first fault that has occurred since the latest calibration of the tachograph.

Vehicle Utilisation Report

The report displays driving times, activities and drivers of a vehicle over a selected period. If the driver has inserted and removed the driver card several times the name is repeated in the report.

The report displays the total driving time for the vehicle on the upper row for each day.

Select group

You can select the group to display information for. Click to make group settings.

  1. Select in the Group list the group you wish to display vehicles for.
  • Select the All option to display all vehicles. You will then also see vehicles which are not part of any group.

Creating a report for vehicles

  1. Select the vehicle or vehicles you want to create a report for.
  • Hold down Ctrl and click the vehicles concerned to select several vehicles.
  • Hold down Shift and click the first and last vehicle in the group respectively to select a consecutive group of vehicles.
  1. Click next to the Start date and End date fields to select which dates to include in the time period. Note: The time period can not be longer than one year.
  2. Select the report you want to create.
  3. Click Create report.

Search for vehicle

You can search for a particular vehicle by using the search boxes at the top of the list. You can search on registration number or VIN. You can search on one of these parameters or both at the same time.

Sorting information

Click the column heading for the column which the information should be sorted by. Information is initially sorted in ascending order. Then, whenever you click the heading, sorting switches between ascending and descending order.

Quick Guide - Reports for Drivers and Vehicles

Read the Quick Guide - Reports for Drivers and Vehicles if you want to obtain information about how to use reports for drivers and vehicles. You will also obtain information about what the different headings in the reports mean.

In order to read the Quick Guide - Reports for Drivers and Vehicles you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Click here to download the program free of charge from the Adobe website.