Infringement processing for an individual driver

On this page you can see a detailed list of the infringements a driver has committed and when the infringements occurred. You can also process the infringements of the selected driver. Before marking an infringement as being processed, you should discuss it with the driver who committed it. The driver should then sign the report. Then archive the signed report together with documentation from the time when the infringements were committed. The documentation should preferably be in the form of a printout from the tachograph.

Infringements are divided into driving time infringements and working time infringements if you have chosen to display them on the Settings > Working time infringements page. Driving time infringements are infringements of the EU regulation on driving times and rest times, (EC) No. 561/2006, whereas working time infringements are infringements of the EU road transport working time directive 2002/15/EC.  

  1. Click Report to generate a report of all infringements which have not yet been processed.

Process infringement

  1. Select the box in the Process column for the infringement you want to be displayed as processed.
  • Select the box at the top of the column to select all infringements as processed.
  1. Click Save to mark the infringements as processed.

Note: When you have processed an infringement, it will disappear from the list. It is still possible to see the infringements of the driver by going to Analysis > Drivers.

Return to overview

  1. Click Return to overview to return to the overview of all driver infringements.