Reminders are sent when data has not been downloaded from the driver card or vehicle on time. This page displays the status of the drivers and vehicles which the reminders have been sent to.

Note: Information about previous reminders is not saved.

Select group

You can select the group to display infringements for. Click to make group settings.

  1. Select in the Group list the group you wish to display drivers and vehicles for.
  • Select the All option to display all drivers and vehicles. You will then also see drivers and vehicles which are not part of any group.

Sending reminders

Reminders are sent as follows:

  • Driver cards and tachographs: An e-mail message is sent to the e-mail address specified on the Settings > Company > Customer details page.
  • Driver cards: For drivers that have a mobile phone number specified on the Settings> Drivers> Driver details page, a text message is sent to the mobile phone number. Reminders via text message must be activated on the Settings > Drivers > Download intervals page.

Activating reminders

Reminders are automatically activated the first time data is downloaded (driver card) or when the subscription to the service has become active (tachograph). The default reminder settings are used when the function is activated:

  • Tachograph: The e-mail message is sent every day as long as the delay remains.
  • Driver card
  • E-mail messages are sent every day as long as the delay remains.
  • A text message is sent once per missed download, but no more than once per week and per driver. Reminders via text message must be activated on the Settings > Drivers > Download intervals page.

Select the information to be displayed

The default setting is for all information on all vehicles, drivers and statuses to be displayed. If you wish to change the selection:

  1. Select an option from the Vehicle drop-down list.
  2. Select an option from the Driver drop-down list.
  3. Select an option from the Status drop-down list.
  4. Click Display.

Note: Reminders are not active for vehicles and drivers displayed in grey and they cannot therefore be selected. Activation is made on the Settings > Drivers > Download intervals page or on the Settings > Vehicle > Download intervals page.

Information in the window

  • Vehicle or driver: Identified by registration number or driver name (surname, first name).
  • Planned date for download: Date of planned download based on last download and download interval.
  • Status: Delay in days for download. For more information, refer to the section Colour coding and updating the status.
  • SMS sent: is displayed if a text message has been sent to the driver. The reminder is sent via text message the day after the interval has expired. When the file is downloaded and the status changes to green, the icon is deleted and a new reminder period begins.
  • Reminder interval (days): The interval set under reminder settings for vehicles and drivers.
  • Last transfer date: Date on which the latest file for the vehicle or driver was transferred to the portal.

Colour coding and updating the status

  • Green: Download completed. Even if the download is completed late, the status changes to green as soon as the download is completed.
  • Yellow: The download is expected to take place the next day.
  • Red: The download is delayed compared to the download interval. The numeral shows the delay in a number of days.

The status is updated:

  • When a file is received.
  • When the date of a download approaches. The status turns yellow for the last 24 hours before the latest date of a planned download.
  • When the date of a download has passed.

Sorting information

Click the column heading for the column which the information should be sorted by. Information is initially sorted in ascending order. Then, whenever you click the heading, sorting switches between ascending and descending order.